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Our Process for Success

Prior to your consultation, you will need to download and fill out a questionnaire to allow me to prepare for our meeting. The questionnaire includes questions about your diet, health and current medication and the information is analysed before we meet.

During our time together I will work with you to identify your most pressing health concerns. Your medical history together with your current health and goals form the basis of your personal program. I will review your medical and family history, your current symptoms, any available laboratory and/or diagnostic data, current medications and supplements, potential environmental triggers, current diet practices, exercise routines, stress management techniques and sleep habits. The information gathered from the consultation together with the results of any tests is used to generate your personal program for optimal health. I will assist you with goal setting and when appropriate, I will recommend laboratory testing and supplements. You will have email access to me if questions arise between our appointments.

During your follow-up visits with me, I will review your prescribed plan, food intake, exercise practices, stress management techniques, sleep routine and supplement regimen. We will discuss successes and shortcomings of your nutrition and wellness plan, and together we will come up with solutions and modify your plan to better meet your needs. I will encourage you to document and connect the dots between your healthy lifestyle choices and your symptoms (or lack of symptoms). Your most pressing nutrition needs are the primary focus of our time together. As your symptoms subside with healthy lifestyle and food changes, we will address other topics, such as stress management, exercise, behavior modification, and potential environmental stressors.

Continuing your Success

A three-month program involving bi-weekly or monthly visits, following the initial consultation is usually recommended for best results.

Your Custom Program

A 6 visit program. Designed to a patients unique nutritional requirements which are influenced by their genes, their diet and their lifestyle.

HCG Weight loss Program

The 8 week HCG Weight loss Program is a metabolic reset, that helps to increase metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

Health and Wellness

Reduce your inflammation, fatigue and weight, and reveal a new healthy you. The 8 week program focuses on detoxification, whole nutritious foods, meal planning and supplementation ( if needed).

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